Sample Chapter & Excerpts from Embrace, Release, Heal

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Mark Photo of Leaf 1Jeff, a 37 year old athlete was diagnosed with multiple myloma, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow.  He endured months of chemo and radiation and was finally confined to a wheelchair with three months to live. Instead, he learns alternative cancer treatment healing techniques, and six weeks later, he is cancer free.  Click HERE for the chapter on Jeff's remarkable story.  

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Dr. Bruce Lipton
is an internationally recognized authority on bridging biology and belief systems. His groundbreaking research explains how thoughts can affect cells as defined through the science of epigenetics.  Click HERE to read excerpts of Dr. Lipton's exclusive interview for Embrace, Release, Heal.

Mark Shoolery Photo of Leaf 3Dr. David Walker, founder of Medical Arts Center, was diagnosed with colon cancer, but  turned away from the very pharmaceutical drugs he helped create as a bio-physicist.  Instead, he created his own, natural remedy that cured him within six months.  His “cocktail” is now available to everyone. 
Click HERE for an excerpt of Dr. Walker's contribution to Embrace, Release, Heal.

Mark Shoolery Photo of Leaf 4Scientifically-based and backed by the latest studies, Dr. Barry Boyd says that doctors perform "medical hexing" when they give a "you-will-die" prognosis.  This "nocebo" effect (opposite of of placebo effect) strips people of power and meaning, and can actually prompt unnecessary death.  He advocates and is poised to make major changes to curricula at Ivy League medical schools to include nutrition and lifestyle changes as the best possible cancer prevention.  Click HERE for an excerpt of Dr. Boyd's contribution to Embrace, Release, Heal.

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