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 Cancer-Free, 2009!

About the Author, Leigh Fortson

Leigh Fortson has co-authored, ghost-written and edited numerous books about health, nutrition and alternative medicine.  She spent decades learning about and practicing healthy lifestyle habits.  That's why it was a shocking and ironic blow for Leigh to find out in 2006 that she had cancer. 

After undergoing intensive radiation and chemotherapy, there came another blow in 2007.  The cancer had spread, requiring two surgeries that would alter her body forever.  And because the radiation had so compromised her skin, it took nine long and difficult months to recover from the operations.  Then, only three months after the surgery site finally healed, another tumor was discovered.

During her three-year quest for healing, Leigh journeyed through an intense and extreme emotional ride that took her from feeling victimized and powerless to becoming the authority and gatekeeper of her own wellbeing and integrative cancer treatment.  When the toxic and often brutal protocol of conventional medicine was exhausted, she turned with vigor to the deepest core of her inner resources and coupled that with powerful properties of little known, cutting-edge alternative and holistic healing modalities.  The result was both spiritual liberation and a healthy, cancer free body from 2009 to 2012.  When another tumor appeared in 2012, Leigh applied the same dedication, spirit and techniques that had helped her chase the cancer away before.  Unfortunately, a bacterial infection - unrelated to her cancer - took her life on November 3, 2013.  To the end, Leigh's joy in life never faltered, and she credited her "dance with cancer" as having not only increased the years of her life but also the quality of it.

Embrace, Release, Heal, is a testament of that quest.  It is a story both personal and universal.

Here is an abbreviated version of Leigh's story...

"I have come to believe that cancer is more of an emotional or spiritual disease than a physical one. I didn’t come to that over night, nor did it come easily.  In fact in the fall of 2006 when I got my first diagnosis, anal cancer, and after I suffered through the brutality of chemo and especially of radiation, I winced at the mere thought that we 'create our own reality.'

"I threw out all the high-minded ideas about being the source of our own experience.  I felt wronged, and in my mind, I had done nothing to attract such a miserable experience.  After all, I had been a star pupil of life: I ate well, exercised often, and had a good outlook on life.  What’s more, I had a strong spiritual faith and I had written several books about health, nutrition and alternative medicine.

"I was told that anal cancer has a 90% cure rate, and after recovering from the agony of treatment, I figured the best thing to do was forget the whole thing.  So, at the close of 2006, I decided my cancer had been a fluke. God made a mistake. It wasn’t supposed to be me.  I was going back to my life. Normal life.

Leigh and her son Tucker, December 2007
"Then, in the fall of 2007, I was bleeding and the pain I had known so well in previous years had returned.  The doctor confirmed that the cancer had traveled up the rectum.  As I lay my head down on his desk unable to believe what I was hearing, he gently broke the news..." 

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Leigh with her son Tucker, recovering from her second surgery, December 2007

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